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Tokyo Hyakkei

Tokyo nowadays !!!!!xxxxxtest versionxxxxx!!!!!

weekday afternoon at Shinjuku station
not that busy as it is in morning

weekday afternoon at Shinjuku platform

weekday afternoon at Meguro station
posher than Shinjuku

gate to JR Meguro station
we cannot cheat

underground gate to Meguro station
tourists and school girls

grocery store in Tokyo
vegetable section, bamboo we love it

milk section @ grocery
we only got fresh milk

yogurt section @ grocery
some like yogurt in this country... i dont

natto section @ grocery
our rotten soybeans

cashier section @ grocery
queue all the time

pickle monger @ food market
old eat them a lot

traditional sweets shop inside the grocery store
every stuff contains red beans

fish-shaped sweets called TAIYAKI
general snack for everyone

just have bought new rug( fish-shaped again ) with my doggy