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this month

I've hanged around in EU, seen a lot of friends.

Thank you for all having, caring about me well.

p.s. Yuka will be back on 20th Dec., she'd taken photos of me during holiday, so had I. I'm renewing this page after then.


it was FANTASTIC experience to climb up the leaning tower for somebody afraid of heights

but people there was kind and nice, i really liked the city.

mozzarella di bufala - caprese - troppo buono


my first time in Spain - to see Fernando

handsome, isn't he? his dog'Trasto', as well

it was warm and nice city food was also nice, far better than London(as you know)

left---the health warning of cigarettes Spanish ver.

right---the health warning of cigarettes English ver.

oh... how kind, thank you very much!

ok, it's enough



2nd city in Belgium. I popped in here to spend time with didi, bella.


bellissima didi's flat.


didi's school mate

fortunately, she had to go back to Italy in 2days, she introduced me some friends of her to spend time with.

this is one of them, Alexander, I won't say anything about him.

darling didi

didi bella, Alexander

jeg liker damien